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wpe1.jpg (15912 bytes) Memorial to BHS teacher Hal Schiff in front of BHS. (Click on picture to enlarge)

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Do you recognize any of your erstwhile BHS teachers? - hint they came to the 35th student-teacher reunion reception at the BHS media center in 2002. (NOTE: A sad day - Andrew Likovich passed away September 17, 2006)

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His WWII exploits are featured in the TV miniseries-Band of Brothers produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Read about Mr. Guth's appearance at Gettysburg in April '04!

Glenn Sanner, BHS Principal - Note, a congratulatory letter was sent to Mr. Sanner by the 40th Reunion Committee on the occasion of Mr. Sanner's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrated with his family in Wildwood, NJ on July 4th, 2006

Paul Cunningham-Assistant Principal

Wayne Von Stetten-Assistant Principal

Larry Stucky

John Curran        

A ceremony honoring Jack Curran, Brandywine High School's first counselor, was held at Brandywine on Saturday, March 31, 2001 Following the program, a ceremony dedicating the counseling suite to Mr. Curran and naming the suite the "John F. Curran Counseling Suite" took place.

Mr. Curran was a counselor at Brandywine High School from 1958 until his retirement in 1983. During this time he gained the respect of parents, faculty, staff and two generations of students.

Paul Capodanno

Eva Denlinger

David Hirst

Ruth Norman

Harold White

James Andrews

Robert Barto

Mary Ann Baughman

Ronald Baughman

Duane Belles

Linda Bertram

Joan Betz

Carmen Bianco

Gary Boom

Martin Briner

Thomas Brown

Wayne Brown

Priscella Bryant

Robert Chenvert

Joseph Colacino

Mildred Cook

Jane Coulter

Onil Couture

Dave Curtis

Joanne Daily

Fred Dannaway

Wesley Diemer, Jr.

John Dreyer

George Dunkleberger

Ellen Fitzgerald

Joseph L. Fitzpatrick

Dolores L. Fritz

Mary Anne Galloway

Erika V. Garmatz

Norman Gillan

William H.T. Gilmour

Charles Grassel

L. Martin Gravely

Susan Gregg

Richard T. Gumpert

Joe Harper

Forrest L. Guth-(In his own words)   

What a surprise! Thank you for your kind words.  My wife, Harriet , and I are still in Delaware, living at Cokesbury Village in Hockessin.  I've been retired since ' 77 and enjoying travel, hobbies, etc.  We have had an unbelievable experiences connected with Band Of Brothers including a trip to France to take part in the celebration at Normandy Beach on D-Day. We do see some of the Brandywine graduates occasionally, and hope you will have a good reunion.  Sincerely, Forrest Guth 

This Brandywine High School Industrial Arts teacher jumped out of a C47 into Normandy, France on D-Day, June 6th, 1944 with the 101st Airborne Division's "Screaming Eagles" and landed in the history books. His story is the story of the "Band of Brothers" of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment which formed the basis of the riveting wartime exploits of Easy Company the same outfit featured in the Fall of '01 (& repeated April '02 & still running on) HBO Special miniseries, "Band of Brothers" based on the Steven Ambrose book of the same name.  Mr. Guth is #25 in the (below) Currahee group picture. If you click on the picture of him autographing the young person's book you will get a larger view. Click here for the link to Forrest Guth's story in the News Journal Paper. 

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Utah Beach Normandy June 6th.2001 L-R: 'Buck' Compton-Bill Maynard-Lester Hashey-Dick Winters Don King-Sobeleski-Forrest Guth

Web Editor's note: The Belgian author, Michael De Trez, wrote a book about Forrest Guth titled "Cpl. Forrest Guth" the 1st volume of a series called "The Way we Were", WWII American Paratroopers portrait Series. It is currently available in bookstore or online. Check this link for more information about the book;  Cpl Forrest Guth : E Company 506th Pir Band of Brothers (WW II American Paratroopers Portrait Series) and where to find it.  

    Original Band of Brothers Promotional Poster    

The picture (above left) was taken on June 7, 1944 at Ste.Marie du Mont France Front row-left are: Forrest Guth-Frank Mellet-David Morris-Daniel West-Floyd Talbert-C.T.Smith

This picture on the right is the updated cover photo from the book Band of Brothers based on the actual photo (left).  The picture below is the cover of the new book; "Cpl Forrest Guth" by Michael De Trez


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Elizabeth Hastings

Earl Helmbreck

Claude Howard

Charles Hoyt

Robert Imbt

Dorothy Irving

Jay Jones

Andrew Kelleher

Robt. Kohl

John Kowaleski

Marjorie Laird

Robt Lathrop-(Retired in '00) one of the last original faculty member from the Class of '67 to remain on on active duty at BHS!. He probably taught you how to drive since he was in Driver's Ed.

Position: Physical Education Teacher

Years in Education: 34

Years at BHS: 34

Undergrad: Illinois State
Graduate: Illinois State, Master

Andrew Likovich

Bertha Little

Galen Longwell

Frank Mallozzi

Paul McClary

John McCloskey

William Meyers

Wilfred Miller

John Modica

Cynthia Mueller

Erwin Musko

Cameron Myers

Frank Nejako, Jr.

Max Newber

Lawrence Nicholson

Sarah Ott

William Patten

Edwin Payne

Mary Pro

Vincent Pro

Lorraine Przywara  Noordam Thanksgiving Dinner 11-22-01.jpg (57458 bytes)                                                                     

Photo of Lorraine and her husband taken on the Holland America's ship "Noordam" somewhere in the Atlantic         Click on image to enlarge.

Hi, I am Lorraine S. Przywara.  Although I took early retirement from the BSD while I still had two kids in HS, I still occasionally do Homebound Instruction on the Secondary Level.  I also still live in the same house in Sharpley.  Nice web site. BHS '64-'91 Mrs. Przywara (Russian and French)

Theodore Pyle

Garcia Reed

Dale Reynard

Aileen Roberts

Robert Robinson

Ronald Rossman

Don Ryoti-mailto:Don.Ryoti@EKU.EDU    

After leaving Brandywine in 1969, I completed a PhD in mathematics education at the University of Illinois, taught one year in visiting position at Purdue, taught three years at high school level in Turkey, and have been at Eastern Kentucky University since 1977.  I learned considerably more computer science and taught CSC courses for several years but I much prefer mathematics and recently have been teaching some undergraduate courses designed for prospective middle school math teachers and some graduate courses for current middle school math teachers.

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I have very fond memories of my days at Brandywine.
Don Ryoti

Anastacea Sarmousakis

Harold Schiff

Wayne Smith

James Snyder

William Steele, Jr.

William Streamer, Jr.

Jean Toombs

William Trexler

Diane Viguers

Jay Widdoes

Peter Williams

Nora Wilson

Mary Lynne Wilton

Walter Yost

Louis Ziccarelli

Featured Employee

Lou Ziccarelli, Design Consultant
Lou, pictured with wife Anne Ziccarelli, just celebrated his 40th year with Anthony & Sylvan. For most of those years, he earned the distinction of #1 Design Consultant. Lou served in the United States Army in the waning days of World War II. After being discharged from the service, Lou earned a Bachelor's Degree in Education from University of West Virginia. In the early 60's, Lou, Anne, and their three sons re-located to Wilmington, DE where Lou began his teaching career and became the first men's basketball coach at Brandywine High School,as well as Assistant Football Coach. During his tenure, he led the Brandywine basketball team to two Delaware State Championships. In 1967, he began his career selling swimming pools. Over the years, Lou has built thousands of swimming pools in the tri-state area. Due to his long tenure and large referral base, Lou often finds himself designing pools for the grandchildren of his first customers from the late 1960's. Lou has also helped to mentor many successful Design Consultants over the years at Anthony & Sylvan. Lou is a dedicated West Virginia Football fan as well as an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan. His accomplishments are legendary throughout the swimming pool industry as well as his community. In 2005, Brandywine High School dedicated their new athletic facility in the name of Lou Ziccarelli. Lou is a loving and supportive father as well as doting grandfather. As has been the case many times throughout his career, Lou has once again earned the distinct honor of being the #1 Design Consultant throughout Anthony & Sylvan for 2007.
























Current (01.04) Class of '67 Teacher Update

Baughman Ron 2650 Cypress Drive Wilmington DE 19810 302.475.8408
Betz Joan 703 Bristol Road Wilmington DE 19803 Unlisted
Bianco Carmen 215 Lyndhurst Road Wilmington DE 19805 302.415.1352
Cook Mildred 501 Simon Road Wilmington DE 19803 302.762.3716
Daly Joanne 665 MacCawley Road Conowingo MD 21918-1616 410.658.6062
Denlinger Eva 2615 Summit Ave. Wilmington DE 19808 302.737.2242
Diemer Wes 2601 Cayuga Road West Chester PA 19382 610.388.6081
Dreyer John 4895 Jackson Dr. Hockessin DE 19707 302.234.0760
Galloway Mary Ann 373 Summit Rd. Springfield PA 19808 610.543.6393
Gillan David 3600 Rustic Lane #234 Wilmington DE 19808 Unlisted
Guth Forrest Cokesbury Village Wilmington DE 19803 302.478.4877
Helmbreck Earl 1407 Brandywine Blvd. Wilmington DE 19803 302.478.5308
Hirst David R. 1205 N. Fox Cub Hollow Glen Mills PA 19342-2229 610.459.2229
Jones Jay 2203 Charwood Drive Wilmington DE 19810 302.475.7183
Kelleher John 220 S. Ford Avenue Wilmington DE 19810 302.655.1871
Lathrop Bob 2403 Smith Lane Wilmington DE 19810 302.475.9035
Likovich Andy 20 Westfield Road West Chester PA 19382 610.696.5042
Mallozzi Frank 962 Blackbird Landing Townsend DE 19734-9141 302.653.3768
McCloskey Jack
Modica John 2406 Berwyn Road Wilmington DE 19810 302.478.2765
Nicholson Larry 2301 Graywood Road Wilmington DE 19810 302.473.0252
Patten William C. 1538 Tanglewood Dr. West Chester PA 19382-5853 610.647.7715
Pro Mary/Vince 1183 Hampshire Place Chadds Ford PA 19317 610.388.7081
Przywara Lorraine 705 Ashford Road Wilmington DE 19803-2221 302.478.0387
Robinson Bob 324 Sheringham Drive Hockessin DE 19707 302.234.0760
Sanner Glenn M. 23 Blue Heron Downington PA 19335-1894 610.458.3429
Sarmousakis Tessie 1804 Graywell Road Wilmington DE 19803 302.478.2765
Selwood Linda Selwood 45 Paxton Drive Wilmington DE 19810 302.475.7412
Steele Bill 1055 E. Niels Lane Wilmington DE 19809 302.762.0590
Toombs Jean 901 Cranbrook Road Wilmington DE 19803-4803 302.761.9547
Trexler Bill Cokesbury Village Hockessin DE 19707 302.234.2474
Ziccarelli Lou Wilmington DE 19810