Terry Yetter
 Pat Walker E-mailed me about your website, Although I didn't appear in
 the yearbook , I put in my time from Faulk Road elementary, Forwood and
 Brandywine  for almost the whole 12 years. I left school in January to get married
 and my daughter was born in March. Believe me, was that a tough act to pull
 off back in those days. If my gym teacher had only known, maybe she wouldn't have made me run that track on the
 football field and do all those strenuous warm up exercises. It nearly
 killed me. I got my diploma at night school because they didn't let married
 individuals return to school. Wasn't that a stupid rule to deny me
 graduating with my class?. Its something missing  in my life that I don't have a
 graduation memory . I had to pick up my diploma at the office!
 I Live in Rehoboth Beach now, a block from the ocean. I'm engaged to
 get  married to a great guy. Can you believe I'm getting a second chance at
 50 and with no kids to raise this time. I  actually retired from the dental
field a few years ago after almost 20 years. I am a bartender part-time at the
VFW here in Rehoboth and it would be a great place for a small reunion for
 those  who live close enough. Let me know or at least if anybody comes to
 the  shore on vacation they can stop in for a drink and say Hi. I have
 E-mailed a few people on the classmates web and I'm waiting to hear from them .
 Hope to hear from you sometime too.

Best Regards,

Kevin, Thanks for responding so fast. I was in previous yearbooks  under my  maiden name of Yetter. I would like a bio-entered and should mention I  have my Daughter Dana in Texas, 32 and 2 grandchildren Abby and Bane (4 & 5). A  son Dru, 23 who has a daughter Brittany. Both my kids went to Concord.  Guess what, the principal of Brandywine lives in my old house in Foulkwoods.  Isn't that a riot!  Thanks Again Terry