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Joan Colfer M. D
Director, Collier County Health Department
Florida Department of Health
3301 Tamiami Trail
Naples FL

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My (Anne Neeley Beck) seven grandchildren at Christmas(bottom picture -Jack is holding cookie jar I won at my class reunion for having the most grandchildren)  Top- Cole 13 holding Matthew 8 months,Mitchell 11 1/2 holding Mary Daniel 3 months-Bo 6,Jack 4 1/2, and Elizabeth 3.  Caroline's children are Cole and Mitchell, Leigh Anne's children are Bo and Jack, Marla's children are Elizabeth and Mary Daniel, and Karin's child is Matthew. The night after this we had Christmas with my sister-in-law's family and we had 11 children present.  They were all very well behaved which was a pleasant surprise.(notice bottom picture Elizabeth is sticking out her tongue)

wpe1.jpg (72503 bytes)    Sherry Chapman Grizzel, her husband (r) and Jim Schreyer at the 20th Reunion (1987)

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Top picture -June 4, 1965 - First day of finals- Nancy Lloyd, Kathy Denver, Anne Neely, Mimi Thomas, and Marilyn Sears-click on to enlarge. Submitted by Anne Neely Beck
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Above picture- Graduation 1967- Sali Schulze, Gretchen Scrantz, Marilyn Sears, Nancy Lloyd, and Anne Neely

Below-Here are two pictures of Kathy Denver (Left) , me-middle (Anne Neely Beck), and (right) Nancy Lloyd Branciaroli that were taken 7-29-01. We had a great visit and a trip to the Charcoal Pit. (Click on image to enlarge).

wpe3.jpg (15757 bytes)  Top-Peggi Mitten and Pat Walker (Fox) 25th BHS                                                  Reunion. Bottom-Bob Klausmeir and wife '92 Reunion

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Top-Mini Reunion 1995 at Kevin's Donohue's house with Andy Stuart, Peggi Mitten, Pat Clark and Dan O'Connell     

Middle-'92 Reunion with Anne French, Pat Walker and Kevin Donohue

Bottom-Peggi Mitten, Pat Walker, Anne French (Panico), Sue Bookout (Herrman)                    

1992 BHS 25th Reunion: (double click to enlarge)

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Paul Oberdorfer and his race car in Virginia Beach. .

Norm Lack winning the 1995 Masters Eastern Regional Road Race Championships, Havana, FL. 

normpic.jpg (192767 bytes)       Click on image to enlarge. Norm's on the left. The guy Norm beat went on to win the 1995 World Championship in "Pursuit" (A 4000 meter track event) in Manchester England!. Way to go Norm!

20th Reunion, 1987-Hotel DuPont

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    Jack Klingerman and Steve Bruni at the Hotel DuPont in 1987. click to enlarge


Richard Sentman's never before seen BHS Football team pictures