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BHS Class of 1967 Members: 


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The 45th Reunion Committee is currently updating the Class of '67 directory (547 names). We have some complete and much partial information (either an email or snail mail) on approximately 400 classmates but we still need your help Bird-doggin� �bounced back� or obsolete emails, updating outdated snail mailing addresses & phone numbers and while we're at it, locating a few long lost Class of '67 classmates who have disappeared completely.  

Plans are now underway for our 45th Reunion in 2012. In the interim, with your help, we can update "mission critical" classmate contact information thus making the 40th Reunion our biggest and best yet! Thanks again for your help!

If you know the current, corrected information for any of these people shown listed below*, please email me at

If you would like to take a few names yourself and try searching for them thru the internet or one of the many search engines available, PLEASE do so. Try this great composite search engine; or another great search engine; ZABA

AGAIN, Thanks for your help. 

If you want to see a *complete alphabetical list of ALL 546 members of the Class of 1967, click here.

Mailing Address Needed Email Address Needed

We may have a mailing address but no email address for instance or if "need" is listed in both columns, we have no information on that person.

Need Need Benson, Joan (Bacon)
Need Need Cates, Carol (Castel)
Need Need Davis, Lee
Need Need Defoe, Judith (Smith)
Need Need Gardner, David
  Need Gilman, Pete
  Need Grafton, Sue (Lindh)
  Need Greene, Elizabeth
  Need Gregory, Nancy
  Need Grigsby, Elizabeth (Perry)
  Need Haas, Beth
  Need Hague, Carole (Smith)
  Need Hall, Deborah (Markham)
  Need Haines, Melissa
  Need Hardesty, Marsha (Shockley)
  Need Haslam, Caroline (Kimbro)
  Need Hasse, Sharon (Murphy)
  Need Hauer, James
  Need Haworth, Susan (Smith)
Need Need Healey, Susan
  Need Henderson, Mark
Need Need Hiresman, James
Need Need Hinsvark, William
  Need Hilbert, Susan
  Need Hodges, Barbara
  Need Houghton, Barbara (Hanson)
Need Need Holloway, Vernon
Need Need House, John
  Need Hughes, Sherry (Banker)
  Need Ianire, Patricia (Williamson)
  Need Ingersoll, Fred
Need Need Jackson, Carl R.
  Need Johnson, Robert
  Need Justis, Jay
  Need Kehler, James
Need Need Kelly, Gail
  Need Keim, William, J.
  Need Kinsey, Dennis
  Need Klacsmann, Peter
  Need Knott, Martha Jane (Foley)
Need Need Laird, John P.
Need Need Larkin, James
  Need Laspada, John
  Need Ledden, John
Need Need Le Van, Doug
  Need Lewis, William
  Need Lips, James
  Need Lloyd, Nancy
  Need Lodge, Rosamond (Niemeyer)
  Need Lodise, Thomas
  Need Lorah, Michael
  Need Losie, Lawrence
  Need Malony, Susan (Carter)
  Need Marsh, Susan (Liebling)
  Need McDonald, Robert
  Need McHugh, Don
  Need McMann, David
Need Need McNeill, Donna
Need Need Mifflin, Jim
  Need Monaghan,  Kathleen Mary
  Need Morrill, Barry 
  Need Neuman, Gregg
  Need Norwald, Sally Jo
Need Need Olenderski, John
Need Need Olmstead, Kathy
  Need Ott, Jeff
Need Need Orcutt, Mary
  Need Planer, Tom
Need Need Pyle, Tom
  Need Pyle, Harry
  Need Rash, Virginia
Need Need Redpath, Pat
  Need Robinson, Joan (Prorock)
Need Need Vigliano, Joe

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