Remembrances of Wilmington

I Remember Wilmington;  Send us your memories of growing up in Delaware.
    Sledding at Rockford Park and the Rockford Tower

I Remember Wilmington - send us your own fond memories of growing up in Wilmington and I'll publish them here. The first group here was from a list I sent to a classmate prior to the 35th reunion. I'm sure you've got your own set of memories; send them along for publication here. (Kevin Donohue)

The Brandywine Raceway lives!. Google Satellite view of the outline of old Brandywine Raceway, (now demolished) juxtaposed next to the nostalgic Larry Anderson painting - (see link to his studio above).

A Blast from the past; Listen to 1380 AM - Wonderful WAMS -

Lynthwaite's Ice Cream and Spring Lakes Par-3 Golf Course original locations on 202 found. More

Spring Lakes Par-Three Golf Course Found on Google Satellite Map!,+wilmington,+delaware,+19803&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=30.682067,58.535156&ie=UTF8&ll=39.862153,-75.541327&spn=0.007247,0.021329&t=h&z=16&layer=tc&cbll=39.86444,-75.543963

From Old Google view of where Lynthwaite's once was on the Concord Pike. 

"Lynthwaite's Ice Cream See Map had TWO locations.  The first location was on the west side of Concord Pike.  The west side is the side that the Chuck Wagon is on - if you know where that is.  The SECOND location, 4725 Concord Pike, was on the east side of Concord Pike - the side where the Concord Mall is.  The second location would have been between Double Tree and the Concord Pike Village. I would guess that the two locations were across from each other and maybe 200 yards apart. The Chuck Wagon side was where the farm was. The exact location is NOT recognizable - it is not there. It may be the mound of dirt between the two places mentioned. If you are in the area of Mitchell's in Fairfax, every year they put old photos in their windows. One shows the second and last location of Lynthwaite's. The building is alone - nothing else is near it.  There are no survey markers to point it out - you just have to visualize it"

Lynthwaite's Homage From Old  -'s.html

Five Decades Ago, a Wilmington first amendment movie Controversy surrounded the Edgemore Theatre owner, Daniel Cudone And the Catholic Legion of decency.


March 18, 2008 DuPont shaped good legs - Wilmington women first to buy, wear nylons



Image"I'm From Delaware" on U-Tube




northmarket1920.jpg Postcards From The Edge; (actually, from the early 20th century); nostalgic views of a by-gone era=

Mitchell's In Fairfax is Fifty: Some great historical pictures of the Fairfax area on display during their anniversary - stop by to take a look!  (NOTE - Oct. '08 - Mitchell's is now closed. The Mitchell family would like to thank their customers over the past 55 years.)

Delaware Fun Facts - Did You Know?...  Also - You know you're a Delawarean if...........

Jake's Woods - (click here) a remarkable story by Gerald Loeb award winning journalist; Maureen "Muffy" Milford (Crowley) - Wilmington News Journal Staff Reporter and member of the Class of 1967. Also; "Lights are flickering but not yet out at drive-ins," Muffy's most recent homage to the Drive-In Movie Theater. Also, don't miss Muffy's story on the status of the old John Wanamaker's Augustine Cut-off store. (click on Accenture picture).  

Old Wilmington dot net- Nostalgia for D.P.W.'s; (Displaced Wilmingtonians)



"Time Honored Traditions" from the Wilmington Flower Market by:

    L. S. Anderson  Reproductions, Inc. (Wilm. DE)


Broadcast Nostalgia - Chief Halftown, Sally Starr, Pete Boyle

RAPA Brand Scrapple 
Do You Remember?  P.F. Flyers, Telephone numbers with a word prefix...(Olympia 4-601). 35 cent gas, Jiffy Pop popcorn...
Take Me Back To The Sixties!
Take Me Back to The Fifties!
Let's Go Down Memory Lane;

7. 28. 08 The Tail of Two Dog Houses (Click Here)

7.3.08 Jack's Place - The Montchanin Train Station - Many of you may recognize this structure as the Montchanin Train Station (Rt 100 & Kirk Rd) - adjacent to the Inn at Monchanin. However, it was also classmate Jack Klingerman�s �home� in the early 70�s. Jack lived on the second floor, the walls were covered in cardboard egg crates and foam, I guess to deaden the sound. The first floor in later years became a gourmet carryout (Puffs). The building still stands as far as I know. Leave it to the "Klingerbear" to find an unusual & unique place to live.

May '08 Plaid Crab Memorial Day Weekend Memories (More)